Plantation Pre-Development Services

Employing the services of experienced United Tropical Fruit professionals enables both small and large scale owners to improve their operational efficiency, growth, yields and ultimately profitability. United Tropical Fruit through its experienced team, associated company Plantations International and other management companies, has the experience and capability to provide a complete range of durian plantation management services. These cover three key services – pre-development services, development and management services & advisory services.

Pre-Development Services include:

  • Soil sampling and suitability surveys of sites

  • Plantation feasibility study and financial analysis

  • Plantation development planning

For optimal production, durian trees should be grown under specific and well managed conditions. Durian trees, as do all trees, require specific nutrients in order to develop properly. While many of these nutrients come from fertilizer or compost that is added after planting, the natural makeup of the soil is imperative to know. Tree roots absorb nutrients as well as water and oxygen with root absorption key to feeding a tree.

Sand soil conditions must be appropriate for a good root system to develop. Soil sample tests measure soil pH, texture, and structure, as well as what nutrients are there and which are lacking, all of which are important to growth. According to the content of nutrients in the soil obtained by chemical analysis, it is easier to determine the post planting activities required in order to achieve high and quality durian fruit yields. This information along with site surveys including an analysis of topographical maps, elevation levels and other business related factors allows United Tropical Fruit to effectively judge the business feasibility of sites.