Plantation Development Services

Employing the services of experienced United Tropical Fruit professionals enables both small and large scale owners to improve their operational efficiency, growth, yields and ultimately profitability.

United Tropical Fruit Harvests through its experienced team, associated company Plantations International and other management companies, has the experience and capability to provide a complete range of durian plantation management services. These cover three key services – pre-development services, development and management services & advisory services.

Development Services include:

  • Land clearing, soil preparation, land levelling, irrigation and planting

  • Sourcing of quality and optimal planting materials, fertilizers and pesticides including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides

  • Sustainable development and use of sustainable alternatives to traditional pesticides

  • Planning, designing and establishment of nurseries

  • Creation of companywide policies catered to the specific requirements of clients

Optimal development of durian plantations require specialized skills that most durian growers do not possess. Although durian fruit has been grown for hundreds of years across South East Asia advanced techniques of plantation development have not been commonly implemented. The large majority of the industry is still using commonly accepted traditional cultivation methods due to lack of knowledge, resources or access to information.

United Tropical Fruit  provides professional development services to enable growers to improve their current or planed operations. Effective irrigation is one of the most important factors as most durian trees have a shallow root system and therefore is very sensitive to dry environments. Young durian trees are susceptible to drought and high mortality can be avoided with proper irrigation and professional management. Trees that receive proper irrigation are more vigorous and will begin to bear fruits much earlier.

At the nursery stage, durian seedling should be watered twice daily – in the mornings and afternoons – to provide enough water for root development. Field planting on the other hand should ideally use drip irrigation efficiently dispersed as dry roots are actually required near flowering, to provoke the tree to flower and produce durian fruit. Without a sufficient dry period, trees will bear no fruit.