Plantation Management & Advisory Services

Employing the services of experienced Musang King Durian professionals enables both small and large scale owners to improve their operational efficiency, growth, yields and ultimately profitability.

United Tropical Fruit through its experienced team, associated company Plantations International and other management companies, has the experience and capability to provide a complete range of durian plantation management services. These cover three key services – pre-development services, development and management services & advisory services.

Management & Advisory services include:

  • Complete maintenance and management of plantations

  • Customized managerial agent services including training and the supply of personnel

  • Agronomic services including fertilizer recommendations, plant nutrition management programme, pest and disease control and management

  • Marketing, product development, packaging and sale of produce and harvested products

United Tropical Fruit provides clients with the complete management of their Musang King Durian plantations or if they prefer, selective managerial services instead. Selective managerial services are comprised of employee training and education or the supply of professionally trained personnel.

Furthermore, United Tropical Fruit can provide growers with the ability to generate additional and more profitable revenue streams through the marketing, product development and packaging of their harvested Durian fruit. Freshly harvested durian fruit have an extremely short shelf life and must be marketed and consumed within 2 to 3 days. Logistics are also very important as well as durian  fruit can crack and spoil easily during transportation with such occurrences resulting in wasted product and lost profitability.

The majority of Musang King Durian growers currently sell their durian Fruit fruit harvests directly to consumers in fresh fruit form meaning they are exposed to its perishability and logistical risks. Due to inexperience, lack of funding or technological knowhow growers have not moved up the value chain with activities such as freeze drying or end product manufacturing. United Tropical Fruit with their experience and network is in a unique position to provide such services to its clients.