“We are delighted to be in Singapore to display our finest and unique fragrances under Fragrance Du Bois,” stated Sergio Momo, Xerjoff’s Founder and Creative Director. “I think Fragrance Du Bois shares essential concepts with Xerjoff in the universe of creative perfumery.

“It brings us terrific satisfaction to be the very first (and just) scent home in Southeast Asia, to host and partner with the world well-known Xerjoff,” stated Nicola Parker, Brand Director of Fragrance Du Bois. Xerjoff will certainly be readily available in all our flagship stores, outlets and scent lounges around the word in the coming weeks. This collaboration with Xerjoff,” Parker concluded, “will certainly additionally boost that experience.

At the heart of the Xerjoff brand and all of its developments, is a mix of standard perfumery (going back centuries), and contemporary, handmade bottles. Sergio Momo’s motivation is originated from his Italian roots, and his devotion to a time-honoured craft has actually caused the solution of a few of the most initial and unforgettable scents presently on the marketplace. Momo’s compassion and understanding of the natural world has actually likewise played a part in the total visual, with a mix of semi-precious and valuable hand cut stones, quartz, Murano glass, wood, brass, gold, leather and bronze, taking functions in the succession of work of arts.

Likewise providing some weight to the valuable and uncommon artworks that catch these memorable scents, are the lots of years of research study and advancement in the art of perfumery, along with the partnerships with popular Italian artists. International and Italian ‘Noses’, carvers and painters – together with jewellery designers, glassblowers, diamond cutters and wood engravers – collaborate to distil, mix and package the valuable essences produced in Grasse (South of France), Spain and Italy.

Xerjoff’s collection – redolent of history and custom, and motivated by aspects and conferences as varied as Siberian meteorite showers and the ancient Arabian art of perfumery — makes sure to consist of a fragrance that will certainly delight and promote the senses of even the most seasoned scent enthusiast..
Working along parallel lines with Fragrance Du Bois, Xerjoff has actually devoted 2 exceptional collections to the enigmatic and magical Oud oil – both provided in perfectly crafted crystal bottles. Sourced from Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Cambodia, the Oud-inspired productions are catching the creativities of scent lovers worldwide.

An option of Xerjoff’s high-end scents will certainly be offered at the Fragrance Du Bois flagship store in Singapore from today. They will certainly likewise be offered in Du Bois’ 2nd flagship store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, within a matter of weeks.
Xerjoff in Southeast Asia is solely given you by Fragrance Du Bois, and rates begin with SGD 225.