Asia Plantation Capital is pleased to announce Stage 1 of a commercial collaboration in India with the country’s biggest, public sector, agarwood plantation group-a neighborhood based job, extendingacross the whole of Southern India.

Vanadurgi Agarwood India was developed around 10 years back as a cooperative-shareholder company model-providing local farmers and landowners with growing stocks, and support to cultivate agarwood and other cash crops. The company has grown, and hash ow developed over 5,000 grower plantations across South India; accounting for about 99 % of agarwood trees presently in South India. In the prime plantation zone at Sringeri, in Karnataka, the business has developed an old-model plantation system, an agriculture research study station, an artificial-inoculummultiplying device, warehousing and a packing and forwarding centre. In addition, a requirement, resinous wood extraction facility with alarge scale, primary processing unit is being prepared right here. Also, fully-fledged, primary processing units are planned at: Madikeri, Sakaleshpur, Shimoga, Sirsi, Puttur and Kollur (in Karnataka)withcollection centres at Coimbatore (in Tamil Nadu)and at Kalpetta (in Kerala).

After visits by Dharmendra Kumar-the founder of Vanadurgi-to Thailand, and tocother nations in South East Asia, to study and establish relationships with other commercial agarwood plantations, Asia Plantation Capital is happy that the group havechosen Asia Plantation Capital to work with them on developing inoculation solutions andtheend-processing of agarwood into all the numerous (and enhancing)products it can offer.During early July, a team from Asia Plantation Capital’s Specialist Inoculation and Research Department brought out field trials in India to examine the very best inoculation systems-based on our experience in perfecting a system in Thailand and Malaysia which has a 100 % success rate in stimulating the production of agarwood resin, and which is 100 % natural; comparable to oud oils produced in nature. Jack Sirichai, who headed the teamfrom Asia Plantation Capital’s Thailand office (based in Bangkok) said,”It was a remarkable experience to satisfy Dharmendra and his group of farmers when we arrived.Over 500 of themhad took a trip, for numerous hours, to satisfy and greet us with a main reception, kept in our honour. We were overwhelmed to find numerous people who share our interest for developing the agarwood market and for utilizing the very best husbandry andocially responsible management practices to advance this massive plantation market in a comsustainable manner. Nurturing and offering community support is a foundation of our own policies at Asia Plantation Capital; to share this with such an enthusiastic group is essential to our ongoing development and success.

The Asia Plantation Capital team will now be working closely with Vanadurgi to keep track of and examine our inoculation processes. All countries (as well as regions) have differing climatic and biodiversity conditions-all which have a significant result on the performance of these systems-and it is important tha twe tailor and research our approaches to providethemaximum yield and quality of completion oud that is produced in all the areas.

Phase 2 of the partnership will see Asia Plantation Capital and Vanadurgi dealing with end-processing solutions, distillation, and establishing customer items which we can jointly market-creating the world’s biggest, incorporated producer ands upplier of agarwood -with the abilityto offer long term, sustainable supplies of consistent quality to the global market place.Asia Plantation Capital selects, extremely carefully, whomit deals with andwith whom itshares its technologies.The benefits forthe largest agarwood plantation group in India-gained by jointly working with Asia Plantation Capital-arethe capacity to create the biggest, single supplierandgrower in the world andtoincrease themarket share for both companies. Thisoffersboth companies the opportunity to gain from joint research study and technologies; helpingtofurthersecure the future market and sustainable products of agarwood, for both companies and the industry.

Notes to Editors:

About Asia Plantation Capital:  Asia Plantation Capital is an owner and operator of a varied range of business plantation and farming companies throughout the Asia-Pacific region-and internationally, part of the Asia Plantation Capital Group of associated business. Their focus is on diverse and multicultural plantation tasks, tailored to the domestic and commercial needs of the countries where they operate. Working carefully with, and supporting local communities is a hidden core concept of the APC business-providing social and cultural support (along with financial investment) to move these neighborhoods far from logging and prohibited logging activitieswhich werepreviously seen as a primary income source in some areas of Asia. Developed officially in 2008, although running independently considering that 2002, the group now has plantation and agricultural jobs on four continents-with operational projects at various stages in: Thailand, Malaysia, China, Laos, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, The Gambia, North America and Europe.Promoting making use of licensed wood is the best way of avoiding deforestation, securing biodiversity and fighting poverty in the Tropical Rainforest regions. For the Yachting Sector, which aims for quality and which is currently associated with environmental efforts, this is likewise a method of guaranteeing that no wood from illegal logging is used.

About Vanadurgi

The business has actually established over 5,000 agarwood plantations and is emerging as one of the world’s biggest agarwood plantation companies. We prepare to fulfill that goal through a mix of experience and collaborations with leading experts from around the world.The business has established over 5,000 plantations across South India, accounting to about 99 % of trees currently in South India. In the prime plantation zone at Sringeri in Karnataka, the business has established an old design plantation, an agriculture research station, a synthetic inoculum multiplying device, warehousing, and a packing and forwarding centre.